My dear friend,

With the belief that - the joy of food brings people together, Holymoleydips was created to share my love for hummus with everyone.

In my previous job as a flight attendant, I frequently brought home a tub of hummus from the countries I visited. They tasted really yum! But there was one catch, most of the store-bought ones are either filled with preservatives or sodium.

When I left the job, my love for hummus was still going strong. I hunted for a good range of hummus at our supermarket chains, but each visit always ended with me leaving empty handed. This sparked my interest to try making my own. After many rounds of trials and taste tests with my family and friends, their positive feedback gave me the confidence to start something for hummus lovers out there, like you! Thus, Holymoleydips was born.

In order to widen my reach to everyone of different dietary needs, all the dips are vegan, dairy-free, low in sugar, all natural, and free of preservatives and artificial flavouring.

Be it at gatherings or just a private meal moment.. From me to the special you, I hope my humble dips can bring a smile to your face.  Enjoy them and stay well always  (: